With Winning In Mind – A Book Review

With Winning in Mind – a book review

I really have to like a book to give it a review on my blog. And this is one of those books. It’s written by a former Olympian.

The book is based on the Mental Management System. And it’s all about winning. Not just winning in competition, but in life.

I purchased this book because I was looking for something to get me back in the game when it came to competing with my horses. I’d put things off for too long, and I wanted to be competitive again. This book put me in the right frame of mind to go back to riding and competing.

It’s not a one and done book. You have to put forth effort yourself. Journaling is a large part of what made this athlete successful. And so much more. This book has become my “bible” for my life with horses and competing, along with Charles Garfield’s Peak Performance. 

There are some books you keep with you and read again and again. With Winning In Mind is one of those books. It’s not all psychology, it’s so much more. And if you’re looking to take your game, life, sport to the next level, you’ll get a lot from this book.

Shine on,

Jamie Lee Scott

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