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American Justice


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American Justice

The job of the U.S. Marshals includes: prisoner transport, witness protection, and fugitive apprehension.

From Deputy Jared Wright:

After losing my wife and child in a horrific incident while working with a special ops group, I went off the deep end for a few months. When I came to my senses, I realized I no longer wanted to protect witnesses, and I applied for a transfer from WITSEC to the Joint East Texas Fugitive Task Force. JETFTF specializes in capturing violent criminals. I got the job.

Working with local law enforcement agencies, JETFTF assists in taking, and keeping violent criminals off the streets.
Kyle Miller is a violent offender; raping, beating and leaving a college girl for dead, just outside of Tyler, TX. And he’s been on the run for 18 months. It’s time to find him and bring him to justice.

Assisting local detective, Emilie Saulet, we work to track Kyle down, and give his victim some sort of closure.

Meanwhile, his victim, Carrie Pemberton is working on recovering mentally and physically from her brutal attack. Trying to find a way back to her old self and get Kyle Miller out of her head.

I’m determined to catch this monster and prove to my commander that I deserve to be a part of the fugitive apprehension task force. And I’m determined to get justice for Carrie Pemberton.

Join Detective Saulet, the men and women of the JETFTF, and me, as we track down this fugitive and work to bring him to justice.


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