Holidays At Our House

Holidays at our house

When I was a kid, the holidays were a huge ordeal. My mom had decorations for every month. Even back to school. But Christmas was big time. My dad was a Christmas kind of guy, silver hanging tinsel and all. He always wanted to go out and cut a fresh tree. Heck, I remember there was a Santa’s Workshop nearby. I think it was near Santa Cruz. It was in the mountains anyway. We’d go there for some entertainment, ride the rides, see Santa, and of course get some candy. And then off we’d go to get a tree. The years with my dad didn’t last long because he divorced my mom when I was nine and my sister was eleven. We never did go back to Santa’s workshop again. But my mom was always making Thanksgiving and Christmas fun. We had family gatherings either at our house or my Aunt Judy’s. Those were some fun days. The kind of days you miss when family is spread out.

Fast Forward

As we grew older, things changed. In college we were too poor to decorate, as young professionals it was difficult just to pay the rent, but I always had a stocking for me and my dog and horse. Then when Scot and I started dating and eventually married, we had a lot of fun with decorating. But then we bought our restaurant in Iowa. That was the end of holiday decorations as we knew it. No one was ever coming to our house for Christmas. My family was afraid to travel when the weather was so cold, because if it snowed, well, they had no idea how to drive in that stuff. Rest assured, even after 22 years, I’m not sure how to drive in it either.

My husband’s family was set in their ways, and no one was going to drive all the way to our little house. Besides, we only have two bedrooms. I’m okay with that. I’m not fond of being the hostess.

And we traveled. The best part of traveling was that I got to go to my sister’s and my mom’s and see what they had done.

Go Forward again…

The fifteen years, I owned a jewelry design business, and our crew, and Scot and I worked 16 hour days, 7 days a week to get orders out in time for Christmas. That’s what happens when you have more than 100 retail gift stores and 5 mail order catalogs buying personalized jewelry. It was craziness, and I usually broke down somewhere around December 22, when someone would call and say their package hadn’t arrived. With all of the work, and the last minute scrambling, no decorations were getting put up.

Texas bound…

Now that we’ve closed the jewelry business and just recently sold the restaurant, life has been a little quieter. Though I do seem to be on a constant deadline. As I am right now, as I write this. I have a book due to my editor on Friday. Don’t worry, I’ll have it done.

When we travel to Texas for the winter, we do decorate just a little.: holiday blankets, throw pillows, and coffee mugs. Boom! And the barn where I board my horses in the winter decorates. Stocking for all of the horses. It’s quite the treat.

This year…

I’m on the fence. I have my new Cricut machine, so making ornaments could be fun, but I have another book due in 25 days. That’s right, another book. I think I’ll at least try to find our little tree.

This doesn’t mean we don’t get into the holiday spirit. We actually like to spend Christmas in Las Vegas. It’ fun, relatively quiet (it’s the slowest time of year for Vegas), and CHEAP! We usually stay on the main strip, and enjoy the festivities. It’s a great time if you ever get the chance.

What about you?

Do you decorate? Do you get all excited? Or do you dread the winter holidays? Tell me your favorite part. (mine is when we go to Vegas, just sayin’)

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