Willa Friday Cozy Mysteries

This is the Willa Friday Food & Wine Cozy Mystery series. The series takes place in the Sonoma Valley, in a town called Pear. Willa is a former chef and food stylist turned food blogger. With a crazy cast of characters including: Saylor (her best friend), Peter Friday (her ex-husband), Hattie Friday (her mother-in-law), Sheriff John Waters, and Deputy Alan Ballic.

This series will include food recipes and wine pairing. It also has its own food blog, written by Willa, of course, called A Dish In Thyme. www.adishinthyme.com

Willa Friday Culinary Cozy Mysteries

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  • Willa Friday Food & Wine Cozy Mystery series…….I have been searching to find this series offered as a book and all I can find is download version. Is this series only offered as a e-book? I still prefer to have an actual book to read.

    • Sorry for the delayed response. Your comment got lost among 1000 spam messages.
      I’m working on getting the paperback versions of the Willa Friday series released by the end of December. I’ll put up a blog post when they are available.
      Again, sorry for the delay.