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Jamie Lee Scott is a USA Today bestselling mystery author.

Before her college professor submitted her case study assignment to Physician and Sports Medicine for publication, she never dreamed people actually got paid to write. What a revelation.

After spending two years as contributing writer for Crafts Business Magazine, writing feature articles, she decided to delve into the craft of fiction.  She went from writing 2500-word articles to writing 70,000-word fiction. Jamie’s books are available online.

She’s now the author of several mystery series. She’s a produced screenwriter and continues to write for the big screen and TV, even though she has deadlines looming for her novels.

As part of her Willa Friday Food & Wine mystery series she shares recipes at www.adishinthyme.com

Website: www.jamieleescott.com

Twitter: @authorjamie


 Jamie’s other websites:



The food blogger website for the Willa Friday culinary mysteries



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 10 Fun Facts

1. I once played in a televised poker tournament.
2. I’m terrified of heights, so I went zip-lining, rappelled down a waterfall, and walked across a rope bridge, to prove to myself I could.
3. I owned a fast food restaurant with my husband for 21 years.
4. I wrote my first novel in the 5th grade.
5. I want to be Charles. (if you’ve read the Gotcha novels you’ll understand)
6. I sucked my thumb when I was a kid.
7. When I’m alone in the car, I crank the music and sing at the top of my lungs. I don’t care who sees me.
8. I have a world class crush on Benecio del Toro.
9. I’ve had a Twitter addiction since 2009. (I may need an intervention)
10. I hate sharing my food off my plate.


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  • I absolutely love the Gotcha and Uncertain series. Will there be a 10th Gotcha book and another Uncertain??? I’m dying to read more!! All are great books!

    • Sorry for the delated response. Many comments got lost among the 1000s of spam comments I get each day.
      There will be a 10th Gotcha and it will release in December. I’ll post here when it’s available or you can subscribe to my newsletter too.